Minimalism Week 5.5: Reflection & Calmness

So here I am looking back on the past week. Three notable incidents have occurred that have shown me I’m becoming happier and am able to positively look forward.


Minimalism Week 3: Focus & Patience

It’s now 3 weeks since I’ve taken advice from The Minimalists and have been shedding the excess from my life.
So far I’ve gotten rid of about 20% of my material possessions – and am asking ‘why’ when doing so. To be honest, I didn’t have a lot of stuff when I started – perhaps far less than the average person – but I already feel a little lighter knowing that I’ll be left with items that represent my intentional decisions.

Things to consider in the first week of my minimalism journey

With inspiration from The Minimalists and their book, I’m starting to shed the excess from my life. The idea is that once the excess is gone, I can concentrate on what actually matters: my professional ambitions, my family, my friends, my hobbies. My writing.
I’ve already started to list a few material items on eBay and intend to either sell or donate about a third of my book collection.