WordPress Fundamentals Blog

Today I’m starting the ‘Learning the Fundamentals’ email course on WordPress to try and get the most out of using it.

I haven’t posted in a while but I thought this would hit many birds with one stone because:

1) I can consider why I’m actually blogging

2) Pick up some decent handy tips

3) Actually write something regularly

4) Reflect on what I can already do on here (technically i.e. HTML/SEO)

5) Possibly help other people while I’m doing it

So, what am I blogging about? I always say I blog about current affairs but, looking back at my previous posts, they are very random. I need a new focus and to be fair I think my ‘Quick Thoughts’ are quite fun to write and so I’ll be doing more of those, and less of the wordy-type posts.

I’ll still do some quirky and sarcastic, ‘Onion’-type articles but in order to actually make quick, clear and concise posts I think the ‘Quick Thoughts’ are better.

This post has no SEO but it’s just a quick one and is my first ‘assignment’, and has actually helped quite a bit because I’ve now set a focus for future posts. Yay!


Featured image: Cristian Labarca under creative commons


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