Jessica Chastain Retiring Acting To ‘Disappear’? | Quick Thought

Featured image: Gage Skidmore under creative commons

Jessica Chastain announced to Net-A-Porter’s The Edit yesterday that it would be likely she would “not act” in the next three years. To paraphrase, she said that she feels a career change would be welcomed; she wants to be involved in a career where “[the public] are more interested in my work than my social life”.

I wonder how many other celebrities have thought of doing the same? Regardless of what profession they’re involved in.

It’s no secret that many public figures have spoken out about how much they detest fame, but to be in such a position of privilege and situation where a lot of people are always interested in you in some way, is unique. What I’m saying is, would you give up something you’ve been doing for years to escape such a social status…even when it’s one where you’re admired by many hundreds of thousands of people for what you do?

Apparently so for JC. Thinking about it, there are times in anyone’s lives where a change is necessary, a natural progression that we deem important for our mental wellbeing, so perhaps this shouldn’t be such a shocking revelation.

I guess a more interesting question to ask is who would not give up such a social status? Despite detriment to their mental health/privacy/personal relationships?

I can certainly think of more than a few.


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