An ‘Exquisitely Pleasurable’ Treat

Today I stumbled across a beautiful work of writing: an attack on political correctness by National Review staff writer Charles Cooke.
I have always hated political correctness with a passion, not just because it restricts a person’s ability to accurately present their honest opinion or to paint an honest picture (a right I think we should all have), but also because it seems so counter-intuitive.

I honestly believe there is no such thing as ‘proper’ English; it should not be governed so harshly. But I do believe that if people are offended by what they believe is derogatory, then of course they have a right to speak out against the offence. Then move on.
So it is my pleasure to present a paragraph which I was so immensely tickled by earlier that I had to save and share it somehow.
Credit to Charles Cooke.

“And make no mistake, “political correctness” is a virus — a nasty, cynical, destructive sickness that is akin in both theory and in practice to the sort of irritating malware that pushes endless streams of nonsensical dialogue windows onto your grandmother’s computer and prevents her from e-mailing her friends.”

And on those who squabble over political correctness:

“Few things in life are as exquisitely pleasurable as watching the terminally silly fight among themselves.”

Read the full article here:
National Review


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