‘Highly’ Amusing

Today I’ve been updating my CV and naturally, I’ve had to resort to trusty thesaurus.com to find different words to explain all of my competencies.
Trying to find a more powerful word than ‘highly’ (as in, ‘highly competent’), I found vastly.
I chuckled at the prospect of seriously writing ‘vastly competent‘ on a CV…then I purposefully tried looking for words more powerful, and therefore more ridiculous, than that. Here was my exploration on thesaurus.com…

I decided a word more powerful than ‘vastly‘ was ‘tremendously‘…

Then after ‘tremendously‘ came ‘exceedingly‘… (could you imagine writing ‘exceedingly competent’?!)

After ‘exceedingly‘ came ‘extraordinarily‘…

After ‘extraordinarily‘ came ‘unusually‘… (bordering on ‘disturbingly’…as if it was so unusual that someone could be this competent at something!)

And then when I thought it couldn’t get any more superlative, the intensifier ‘so‘ appeared in the list of synomyms. This made me laugh more than it should have done, and as a little joke to myself I’ve actually written ‘so competent’ on my CV, until the need arises to send it out, in which case I shall change it.

I am ‘highly’ amused.


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