New Life…New Start

Today marked the start of not one but two things: the life of my new baby cousin Anabel, and the start of a ‘yes’ challenge which I will hopefully fulfil over this coming month.
When I eventually decided to crawl out of bed at 11am after failing at Flappy Birds and watching NekNominations (see here for the BBC’s report on the backlash, or here for an example) for a couple of hours, I received a text from my brother informing me of the fantastic news that our family has become bigger; a new baby girl has been brought into this world. After mentioning this news in yesterday’s blog, I was so excited about it that I had to tell someone. This luxury did not come until I met my uncle today, who had the good fortune to take some time off his full-time photography career to meet me in the gloriously damp town of Bournemouth for an afternoon. Now if you’re wondering how I could possibly have a new cousin but my uncle did not know about it, this is a different uncle to the father of my new cousin. The uncle in question on a visit to Bournemouth was my dad’s brother; the father of my new cousin is my mum’s brother.

I’m glad that’s cleared up.

Anyhow, the afternoon turned out very well indeed, with Ali doing what he does best: capturing some marvellous landscape shots along the coast, and taking me to the pub. (The latter of which resulted in me continuing to drink upon arriving home, until the writing of the very blog you are reading now). One thing I noticed while we were out was that as Ali was taking his shots, I began to appreciate the beach and the location of Bournemouth just a little bit more. Sure, I cycle to the Pier and down to Sandbanks every weekend – if I feel like it – but until today, it struck me how much I take the coast for granted, as a resident of a tourist seaside town. Today I got to be a visitor looking in, rather than being a part of it.
What also struck me was how similar this was, metaphorically, to my life at the moment. I am a visitor to my own life – watching things go by without a second thought, and taking many things for granted. My job at Dylan’s, my financial security (as a student, I’m pretty well-off), and my university course. I’m not stuck in a rut – far from it – I’m stuck in the same perspective of life. And that’s not what I came to university, or indeed left home, for.

So, as from tomorrow morning, I’m going to be a yes man. Not literally obliging to every single opportunity which comes my way (I have to prioritise!) but this month I’d really love to do something new, or to take my course in on a different angle. Baking society? Yes please! Doctor Who appreciation club? Yeah, why not? NekNomination!! We’ll see…

First on my list though, delete Flappy Birds from my phone…

Check out Ali’s website here 🙂

3rd February 2014



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