Needful Things

Writing for the first time in months is a little unnerving. A blank page is the most exciting thing for a writer to see, but also the scariest. (credit to Rega Jha for that)

If I think back, I cannot remember the last time I wrote about something, let alone the subject matter. As I sit here today, I worry if this stagnant period of not having written anything whatsoever has affected my ability to capture a thought from my imagination, paint a picture, or resemble anything close to an opinion or ‘purpose’ for writing. Today I need something relevant; something which hopefully, can capture what I’m thinking clearly.

My purpose for today then, is the following.

Over the last few months I have probably grown more as a person than I think I have. I have settled into my new life in Bournemouth, achieved fairly respectable marks for assignments left far too late into the morning of the deadline date and made some friends who I know I will keep for years to come. I know I have found some aspects of university life challenging (Flappy Bird is just a recent example), but actually sitting down to craft a piece of writing from start to finish, with a purpose, is something that I have failed to do time and time again. Melancholy, disinterest, lethargy, or a combination of all three, are the causes for this postponement of creativity, a postponement of an outpour of emotion, thought and possibly wit.

I have realised that having grown as a person – if not, having become far more independent – I need to capture this change. I need to capture it so that I can respect my past and just take a look back through a life mirror every once in a while, so I can remember why I’m on the path I’m going (Matt Smith’s final Doctor Who lines ring through in that sentence, I feel). And the best way of doing this at this moment in time right now is through the written word. The written word is a self-regulated creation, with no influence whatsoever from outside control or authority, and I absolutely love it. Sure, video blogging is a medium I’ve experimented with a couple of times (maybe there’s still potential for it in my life), but right now writing down things as I think them is a more accurate presentation of my ways of thinking, unedited, unabridged, uncensored. (If you discount spell-check).

So here is the first of hopefully many pieces which will appear on this blog daily over the coming weeks and months, and considering I haven’t written in a while I’m quite proud of it.
Writing is like playing a musical instrument – stop playing for a while and you’re scared of the noise you’ll make next time – but when you unbox it and dust it off, you can revisit the joys it brings.

1st February 2014


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